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Manage Alzheimer's with High Phenolic Olive Oil

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Globally, dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face, with nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide.

High phenolic olive oils, rich in oleocanthal and oleacein, have been associated with significant improvement in the mental function of people with early Alzheimer's symptoms.

High Phenolic Olive Oil and Cognitive Function

One study has shown that long term intervention with high phenolic, early harvest, extra virgin olive oil in cognitively normal older adults was associated with significant improvement in cognitive function compared to Mediterranean Diet alone, regardless of the presence of the APOEɛ4 genotype that predicts the development of Alzheimer’s.

Another study demonstrated that EVOO therapy may prevent the risk of patients with mild cognitive impairment going on to progress to Alzheimer’s Disease.

In a third study, a long-term intervention with an EVOO-rich Mediterranean Diet resulted in a better cognitive function in comparison with a control diet. Furthermore, participants allocated to a Mediterranean Diet rich in extra virgin olive oil experienced lower instances of mild cognitive impairment compared to the controls.

Most participants showed significant results within three months of consistently taking high phenolic olive oil.

Polyphenol Levels Count

We submit our High Phenolic Olive Oil to an official analysis and are always happy and proud to share them with you.

Our Classic High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has more than 700 ppm (polyphenols per millilitre) which make this the perfect daily health supplement! This is a good all-rounder, and a great place to start for all who want to improve their sense of overall health and well-being.

Our new Premium High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to have more than 1000 polyphenols per milligram (ppm), It is perfect for athletes looking to gain a powerful performance edge!

Our new Gold Standard High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to have more than 1500 polyphenols per milligram (ppm). This is highly therapeutic and recommended for inflammatory, neurological conditions such as Autism and Altzheimer’s.

Please reach out to us if you feel our high phenolic or early harvest olive oil could benefit a loved one's mental and neurological health. There is hope, as long as we supplement with high phenolic, early harvest olive oil.


If you want to research the topic further, why not start by reading the following peer-reviewed articles, whose authors have researched deeply into the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

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