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Our new Premium High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to have more than 1000 polyphenols per milligram (ppm), which is perfect for athletes looking to gain that performance edge!


Agroktima Philippos High Phenolic Olive Oil contains a high percentage of phenolic compounds which are strongly linked to significant health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, reduction of inflammation and slower progression of Alzheimer's and dementia as well as treatment of Autism symptoms.   


According to the EU Health Claim Labeling Regulation (432/2012), only olive oil which contains a minimum of 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (e.g. oleuropein complex and tyrosol) per 20g of olive oil can be described as high phenolic. We are always happy - and proud - to share with you the official lab analysis of our High Phenolic Olive Oil. 


The bio-diversity within Agroktima Philippos olive groves in Solea region, in Cyprus, adds to the richness of the soil that nourishes our olives. There are 36 known phenolic compounds in olive oil. The two most widely researched for their health-protective benefits are Oleocanthal and Oleacein which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 


The presence of Oleocanthal is indicated by the peppery effect on the back of the throat while Oleacein is known for the bitterness on the tongue. The intensity of these two phenolic compounds may be a shock at first, but it is this intensity that makes them effective. 


Phenolic content in olive oil varies according to terroir components such as soil condition, weather patterns, olive variety and of course time of harvest.  The greener the olives the higher the phenolic content, which is why our High Phenolic Olive Oil is made with olives harvested as early as September!


The benefits of our High Phenolic Olive Oil can be obtained with a daily supplementation of 20g of high phenolic olive oil, which is equivalent to 2-3tbs. 

Premium High Phenolic, 100ml, Glass Bottle

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